Basingstoke Area Committee

Meetings are every fourth Tuesday of the month and held at different locations in Basingstoke.

Barry Smith of Greenhouse Graphics is Chair. 

Business Strategy Group Members

Barry Smith, Greenhouse Graphics (Chair)

Lucy Boazman, Basingstoke Together

Anthony Bravo, Basingstoke College of Technology

Bill Browne, Basingstoke Gazette

Neil Churchill, Festival Place

Mark Clancy, London Clancy

Paul Fearon, Apollo Hotel

Beryl Huntingdon, Absolutely Offices

Mark Jones, The Ark Cancer Charity

Jack Kennedy, Basingstoke and Deane BC

Cath Longhurst,  Basingstoke Consortium

Michael O'Dwyer, Business Consultant

Hannah Perryman, Lamb Brooks

Matthew Sheerin, After the Military

Meetings 2019

Tuesday 23rd July, 08:00, Absolutely Offices, Basingstoke.

Tuesday 24th September, 08:00. Venue to be confirmed. This will also be the Business Strategy Group Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 26th November, 08:00

Chamber Contact

Mark Baulch,  Head of Policy & Representation


Tel: 01256 338476


Terms of Reference

  • To meet monthly or bi-monthly to discuss business issues and agree items for actions

  • Meeting to take place with no less than 50% of the Committee membership present as a quorum.

  • To receive presentations from organisations, companies, and stakeholders on developments, projects and initiatives that require support or action of the Committee

  • To discuss key items of local, regional and national significance including policy and representation; and agree actions including formal Committee responses

  • To receive brief reports on Chamber events, membership and governance that requires a Committee viewpoint

  • To ensure the Committee is representative of all business sectors

  • To call an Annual General Meeting, appointing a Chair and Vice Chair and appoint any other positions deemed appropriate