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Ryan are Hampshire Chamber of Commerce dedicated expert
in tax relief, recommended by us to help you uncover the largest possible claim at a no win no fee rate.

For more information about ChamberRelief and the services Ryan can provide please contact them on: 0300 303 1903, email: or visit: Ryan Innovation Funding

Over the last 14 years, Ryan (formerly known as Catax) has recovered more than £580 million of tax benefits for companies across the UK in the areas of research and development (R&D) tax relief, capital allowances, the Patent Box, grant funding, and land remediation relief.

Ryan, an award-winning global tax services and software provider, is the largest Firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes. The Firm provides an integrated suite of international tax services on a multijurisdictional basis, including cost management, compliance, consulting, technology and transformation, and innovation funding. Ryan is an 11-time recipient of the International Service Excellence Award from the Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA) for its commitment to world-class client service. Empowered by the dynamic myRyan work environment, which is widely recognised as the most innovative in the tax services industry, Ryan’s multidisciplinary team of more than 4,100 professionals and associates serves over 21,000 clients in more than 60 countries, including many of the world’s most prominent Global 5000 companies. More information about Ryan can be found at “Ryan” and “Firm” refer to the global organisational network and may refer to one or more of the member firms of Ryan International, each of which is a separate legal entity.

Capital Allowances Tax Relief

  1. Are you a commercial property owner?

  2. Are you a UK taxpayer?

Then it’s highly likely you are eligible for tax relief.

Capital Allowances tax relief is a way to claim tax back for all of the embedded items within your commercial property.
This includes items such as lighting, heating, cables and pipes. In fact, it
covers most things that would stay in the building if you turned it upside down and shook it.
Knowing what does and doesn’t qualify can be tricky as tax law is complicated.

Ryan are experts at uncovering all claimable items to secure you the biggest claim possible.

Just a few examples of commercial properties that could be eligible:

  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • GP/Dental Practices
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Nurseries and after school clubs
  • Nursing/ Care Homes
  • Restaurants and Pubs
  • Plus many more

Research & Development Tax Relief

There’s money hiding in the work that you do and the money you get back could help fund your next project.

You would be surprised at what qualifies for Research & Development (R&D) tax relief. It’s not just about people in white lab coats. R&D tax relief is the government’s way of rewarding companies that are developing new, or improving existing products, processes, services, devices and materials or advancing the state of knowledge in their sector.

It’s well worth investigating, in some cases the tax relief itself could represent as much as 33% return on investment for the R&D project.

R&D tax legislation is complicated, but the team at Ryan are experts and will do all the hard work for you. Looking at every aspect of your business and identify all qualifying activity.

Remediation of Contaminated Land

There’s money hiding in the work you do on your land and property.

Remediation of Contaminated Land (RoCL) tax relief is a government incentive designed to help companies bring derelict brownfield sites back into use and to remove contaminants from land and property acquired to uncover their full potential.

Commonly, this involves treating or removing contaminants in land and property to prevent harm to animals, humans and the property itself.

The relief allows an additional deduction for Corporation Tax purposes which can take the form of a cash receipt for lossmaking companies. The qualifying costs associated with these activities are then enhanced to provide the company with an additional tax relief.

Qualifying RoCL activities would include the removal of asbestos, the removal or treatment of Japanese Knotweed, the treatment of gasses and chemicals within the land following a survey, the removal of underground contaminated tanks and the removal of concrete foundations, pillars and bases to bring long-term derelict land back into use.

The Patent Box

  1. Are you a limited company?

  2. Do you have an existing patent or are you considering apply for one?

Then keep reading as you could be eligible.

The Patent Box tax relief is the government’s way of rewarding companies that are driving innovation. The aim is to encourage the development of new patented inventions in the UK.
If your company is making a profit on your patented inventions, you will be eligible for a lower effective corporation tax rate of 10% on your relevant profits. This will save your company money and allow you to invest in future innovation.

The Patent Box regime applies to all patents granted in the UK and European Patent Offices. The regime is optional, a company can claim the lower effective tax rate benefit if they have opted in and meet the relevant criteria.

Grants Services

Assisting businesses to identify, apply and manage grant funding projects.

Any business investing time and resources into innovative research & development in the UK has the ability to access various funding options.

You would be surprised at the extensive range of industries and activities grants apply to, you can see examples of just a few of the possibilities to your right.

Ryan offers specialised services, working with you to identify the areas of your business that could qualify for grant funding, and sourcing grants you are eligible to apply for.

Their services can be broken down into the following areas:
• Grant sourcing & identifying
• Bid writing
• Project management

Start your claim now

Starting your claim is simple and risk-free – just pick up the phone and talk to one of the dedicated Ryan Account Managers. They’ll take a few basic details which will allow them to make an initial assessment of your claim.

If they can’t find a significant refund, they’ll let you know, and that’s that – no fee, just a few minutes spent on the phone.

There are no complicated forms to fill out or legal language to understand. The experts then compile the simple, jargon-free report, working closely with you and your accountant.

Call now to start your claim on: 0300 303 1903 or email or visit: Home – Ryan Innovation Funding