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Exporter Financing Discounts

Mercator Cargo Systems Limited

Are you eager to try your products in new markets or import new goods?

Why not give us a call, we are offering Hampshire Chamber Members a FREE one hour consultation on shipping and international trade.

We’re a Hampshire based freight agent, with over twenty years’ experience assisting UK importers and exporters with moving their cargo across the globe. To take part simply contact us on or 02392 756 575, alternatively go to our webpage to set up a meeting/telephone conference in order to discuss your business.

We will assess your requirements, guide you through Incoterms, complete pricing schedules and try our best to answer any questions you may have about the process, documents and any other areas of concern for you. Are you already an exporter/importer?

We’ll extend the offer to you too – take the opportunity to ensure that your business is paying the right rates, receiving the best service and dealing with the right people.

023 9275 6575
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Hampshire Chamber
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