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Customer Relationship Management

MullanDynamics Limited

MullanDynamics is offering Uniconta, a Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning system, to Chamber members a 50% discount for first 6 months subscriptions.

When you think of an ERP, do you immediately think “one lump sum”?

Not anymore! Uniconta is available on monthly subscription starting from £12.00 per month going up to £36.00 per month depending on functional requirements.

Visit or contact Keith on 07922 737852.

01264 313342
Really Simple Systems

Free 14-day CRM and Email Marketing Trial


Really Simple Systems is the award-winning, super-easy CRM to help you build long lasting relationships, save time, and make more sales.


With an integrated email marketing tool, our CRM software provides a centralised hub for all your sales and marketing, increasing efficiency, productivity and team collaboration, even when working remotely.


Contact Really Simple Systems on


Find out more and take a free 14 day trial at:

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