International Market Access

International Market Access

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Distribution Channels

Export Agents
An export agent acts on your behalf by introducing you to overseas customers. They charge a commission - usually between 2.5% and 15% - and they’re widely used in the EU.

An export agent can also help:

  • give you information and contacts for overseas markets
  • identify and make the most of opportunities overseas
  • cut the cost of setting up your own offices overseas and recruiting and training your own employees to work there
  • keep more control over your product, eg the final price and brand image (when compared with using a distributor)

You will still be responsible for things such as shipping, customs paperwork and tax. Your agent may be able to help, or you can use a freight forwarder for this.

Overseas Distributors
Overseas distributors buy your goods from you and then sell them on in an overseas market.

An overseas distributor can:

  • take care of shipping and customs
  • buy your goods in bulk
  • warehouse your goods
  • market your product for you
  • introduce your product to new markets

Distributors may expect heavy discounts and a long period of exclusivity, so you need to research and choose one with proven experience in your target market.

You lose control over the marketing of your goods and after-sales service when using a distributor.

The British Chambers of Commerce Global Business Network (formerly OBNi) and also the Department for International Trade are also able to provide information concerning agents and distributors within the particular market of interest.

Contact details:

British Chambers of Commerce Global Business Network 

Sian Hughes 
DIT South East - can offer assitance via their Master Classes
Contact details:

Local Market Access Support

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce works very closely with the British Chambers of Commerce Global Business Network (formerly OBNi) and also the Department for International Trade South East.  Both of these organisations are able to provide local market access support.

Contact details:

Mark Baulch
Business Development Manager – Hampshire Chamber of Commerce
Contact details:

Rachel Long
International Trade Customer Support Team Leader – DIT South East 
Contact details:

Trade Mission & Trade Shows

Taking part in organised trade missions or trade shows helps companies to explore overseas markets and opportunities either as part of an organised group or on an individual basis. They can assist with making new contacts and research into overseas markets.


  • ensures you are properly prepared for your visit, saving you time and money
  • gives you access to valuable contacts

Department for International Trade South East - Overseas Trade Missions

For further information please email

Middle East Association

MEA trade missions offer a cost-effective and hassle-free way of visiting the countries of the region, providing unparalleled opportunities to explore market potential, gain access to key decision makers and establish relationships with potential business partners.  See more at 

Santander UK plc

For further information please contact Ross Whitelock via e-mail on


click here for details of forthcoming trade missions 


Export Club

An export club brings together businesses interested or involved in trading internationally.  Ideas and information are shared.  Hampshire Chamber of Commerce has very close links with the longstanding export club, the International Trade Forum (ITF).  Mark Baulch, Business Development Manager from Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is a comittee member of the International Trade Forum.

If you are interested to find out more or if you would like details of their forthcoming events please contact:

Toni Saraivo, Membership Secretary 
Contact details:  or click here


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