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Distribution Channels

Effective distribution is a key element of exporting into any new market. For those considering international trade for the first time or looking at exporting to a new market, Chambers of Commerce through its network of contacts can give insight into the typical B2C and B2B distribution channels and practical advice on selecting and establishing agreements with local market agents and distributors.

Export Agents
An export agent acts on your behalf by introducing you to overseas customers. They charge a commission - usually between 2.5% and 15% - and they’re widely used in the EU.

An export agent can also help:

  • give you information and contacts for overseas markets
  • identify and make the most of opportunities overseas
  • cut the cost of setting up your own offices overseas and recruiting and training your own employees to work there
  • keep more control over your product, eg the final price and brand image (when compared with using a distributor)

You will still be responsible for things such as shipping, customs paperwork and tax. Your agent may be able to help or you can use a freight forwarder for this.

Overseas Distributors
Overseas distributors buy your goods from you and then sell them on in an overseas market.

An overseas distributor can:

  • take care of shipping and customs
  • buy your goods in bulk
  • warehouse your goods
  • market your product for you
  • introduce your product to new markets

Distributors may expect heavy discounts and a long period of exclusivity, so you need to research and choose one with proven experience in your target market.

You lose control over the marketing of your goods and after-sales service when using a distributor.

Local Market Access Support

When entering a new and potentially unfamiliar market, having a helping hand on the ground can be a comfort, as much as a practical help.

By working with Chambers of Commerce, exporters can benefit from assistance with entry into a new market, including introductions to potential clients, agents, distributors and in-market networks, as well as providing tailored training on the local business environment. The Global Business Network of Accredited Overseas British Chambers provides an invaluable resource in over 40 key international markets.

When it comes to international trade, how you enter a market for the first time can ultimately make the difference between success and failure. Chambers of Commerce via its netowrk of contacts can offer assistance in identifying the different options for entering a new market, such as providing a detailed analysis and recommendations of an appropriate market entry strategy.

Trade Missions & Trade Shows

Once a business is satisfied with their market research, competitor analysis and the regulations within a target market, one of the best ways for a business to develop their presence is to join an organised trade mission.

Chambers of Commerce through its netowrk of contacts can help exporters identify and prepare for relevant overseas trade shows and trade missions to make them as productive as possible. When visiting an international market for the first time, being fully prepared for an intensive few days of meetings, introductions, networking and building relationships is essential. Chambers work with exporters, whether first time or experienced to identify the local market trade shows that will be of most benefit, and get them fully prepared for their visit.

Where a developed relationship exists, they can introduce the business to the Chambers in the local market, who can help ensure that an exporter’s time in market is fully utilised. Chambers can also advise on creating compelling promotional material and other collateral for the visit, including translation services where appropriate.


  • ensures you are properly prepared for your visit, saving you time and money
  • gives you access to valuable contacts

For more information on planned trade missions please click here

Export Clubs

An export club brings together businesses interested or involved in trading internationally.  Ideas and information are shared.  

If you would like to find out how to get in touch with your local export club please contact the International Trade team on 01329 242420


International Sales & Marketing                                   

Marketing Overseas

B2B and B2C marketing in any new export market can be considerably different to that in the UK – from the approach, design and tone of marketing materials to nuances and potential regulation around online marketing.

Hampshire Chamber can help provide access to discounted local marketing services, including promotional collateral creation,website design and development, product launch support, and advertising and PR services via our membership.


Translation Services

Effective communication is the key to any successful business. With the help of a translation service, communication will no longer be a barrier to doing business. 

We have members who are able to help.  They can provide translations for an endless range of documents and websites including legal, technical and commercial material. 

If you would like to know more please contact the International Trade team on 01329 242420.



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