EUR1, A.TR EUR-Med Certificates

EUR1, A.TR & EUR-Med Certificates

EUR1 is the name for a form, which is used in international commodity traffic. The application of this form is based on application of various bi- and multilateral agreements within the Pan-European preference system.

How to complete an EUR1 Certificate

Letter of Authority

HMRC Public Notices 827, 828, 832, 830

If you require an Issued Retrospective or Duplicate certificate please contact the office.

The A.TR Certificate is a customs document used in trade between EU members and Turkey, to benefit from cheaper rates of duty. The legal basis for the use of the certificate is the EU-Turkey Customs Union. It is important to remember that not all products are included in the customs union. Products not included in the customs union are steel & coal and some agricultural products. Many of these are instead included in the EU-Turkey FTA.

How to complete an A.TR Certificate

A.TR Exporter Statement

Letter of Authority

HMRC Public Notices 827, 812

If you require an Issued Retrospective or Duplicate certificate please contact the office


If you require an EUR-Med Certificate please contact the office.

Please note that HM Revenue & Customs will still accept applications for processing but only by post or courier.  Please contact HM Revenue & Customs directly for further information.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce offers electronic document processing systems, e-zCert and TradeCert. These enable exporters to apply online for their certificates, have them fully approved and stamped by the Chamber and allow them to print out on previously purchased certificates at their own office. On-site training is available.  For further details contact your local office.

(Our aim is to process your documentation within 24 hours however there may be occasions when this may not be possible and we will ensure that you are informed if this if the case)

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