Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips

30 May 2017


90% of all sales messages are ignored because the headline is weak, so take time to craft a good headline.  Don’t worry about writers block, write the body copy first and see what emerges.

Benefit, Benefit, Benefit

When writing marketing materials remember to keep the reader in mind and always aim to include the WIIFM (‘what’s in it for me?’) element. When presenting price it is always best to sandwich it in between benefits.  Here is a “sandwich” example!

Our Salmon Supreme Sandwich is packed with the finest Scottish salmon nestling in on a bed of freshly picked green salad and premium Italian tomatoes.  At £2.99 it is a treat for your taste buds, a low fat, and healthy lunchtime pleasure.


Ensure you content attracts ATTENTION with a catchy headline, is INTERESTING to read, full of benefits, DESIRABLE for the reader to buy and has the WIIFM factor (what’s in in for me). Include an ACTION line, explaining how the reader can buy or use what you are selling etc. 

The Four P’s

Powerful, Positive, Pleasing, Persuasive

Psychologists tested hundred of words for their emotional appeal and DARLING came out top!


These extracts are all taken from letters received by the former Ministry of Pensions. The message is usually clear even if the presentation is somewhat distracting. 

1.            In accordance with your instructions, I have given birth to twins in the enclosed envelope.

2.            I cannot get sick pay.  I have six children.  Can you tell me why this is?

3.            Milk is wanted for my baby, as their father is unable to supply it.

4.            This is my eighth child.  What are you going to do about it?

5.            Mrs R has no clothes and has not had any for a year.  The Clergy have been visiting her.

6.            In reply to your letter.  I have already co-habited with your office, so far without result.

7.            I am forwarding my marriage certificate and two children, one of which is a mistake as you can see.

8.            Sir, I am glad to say that my husband, reported missing, is now dead.

9.            Unless I get my husbands money, I shall be forced to live an immortal life.

10.          I am writing these lines for Mrs G who cannot herself write.  She expects to be confined next week and can do with it.

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