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8 March 2016

Raise career aspirations of young women to achieve gender parity

  •         British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) launches report on ways to boost the number of women entering…
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4 March 2016

Decision time sounded by British Chambers of Commerce

A choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.
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1 March 2016

Fair pay for a fair day’s work

The Government’s National Living Wage (NLW) campaign is designed to ensure employers are aware of, and…
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26 February 2016

Export growth slows in the face of global headwinds

vUK export growth continued to slow at the end of 2015, with manufacturers in particular struggling,…
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25 February 2016

Hampshire Chamber’s business rates plea to Chancellor

Hampshire businesses are urging George Osborne to completely overhaul the ‘iniquitous’ business rates…
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22 February 2016

Hampshire Chamber responds to EU reform deal and referendum announcement

Stewart Dunn, Hampshire Chamber Chief Executive, said:  “With campaigning under way for the EU referendum,…
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19 February 2016

Record business rates haul highlights need for real reform

As the government predicts councils will collect a record £23.5 billion in business rates next year,…
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17 February 2016

Business voting intentions harden as PM seeks final deal

Businesspeople paying close attention to debate on UK’s membership of the EU - but say it has had little…
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16 February 2016

UK inflation set to remain low in foreseeable future

  •         Consumer Price Index rose by 0.3% in the year to January 2016, up from 0.2% rise in the year…
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5 February 2016

Global factors mean growth downgrades are no surprise

• Bank of England downgrades UK GDP forecast for 2016 from 2.5% to 2.2%, and in 2017 from 2.7% to 2.4%…
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