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Wellbeing Alliance

Giving support and understanding to your wellbeing needs

Through the Hampshire and Surrey Wellbeing Alliance, Chambers of Commerce in Hampshire and Surrey are working with member businesses, social enterprises and the voluntary community in understanding and supporting the wellbeing needs of employers, employees, sole traders, young workers and those on the journey of reskilling, new employment and business start-up.

The goals of the alliance are to:
Improve cooperation in wellbeing support between the Chambers of Commerce, businesses, third sector, and statutory bodies.
Support a two-way flow of information between local business communities, the third sector and influential policy leads
Amplify the voice of direct lived experiences in shaping and supporting solutions on the ground.
Collaborate in promoting, shaping and delivering solutions locally, addressing identified wellbeing needs.

Reaching out across Hampshire and Surrey the Wellbeing Alliance is jointly led by Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Surrey Chambers of Commerce, with key support from founding partners Mercer, Mission Performance, Andover and District Mencap, Citizens Advice Test Valley, Unity and You Trust. Through their networks the Wellbeing Alliance can link with communities, businesses, third sector organisations and stakeholders across the South of England and the UK.

The programme of activities influences policy and promotes the important role of the business community around wellbeing support. You are invited to become involved in the Wellbeing Alliance to add your important voice to a growing and diverse network making a real difference. Please contact Hampshire Chamber of Commerce at:

Charity Cluster Routes to Wellbeing Support

Providing crisis support, advice and tips, volunteering and training programmes for your teams and partnership working opportunities for your business.

The Charity Cluster helps navigate your teams towards improved wellbeing, both in the immediate future and through longer term solutions. Whilst improving your organisational wellbeing your employees, teams and organisation can create a positive impact in your local community, developing lasting and meaningful bonds with local charities. The Charity Cluster can provide structured volunteering, training and partnering programmes that can be tailored to your needs.

Chamber of Solutions – Wellbeing Alliance
Building wellbeing into your work, life and networks

Don’t suffer in silence. There are a range of qualified people and dedicated services to help you and your team members in a time of need

Free, independent and confidential support is available, including mental health, financial and relationship support:

Community Help and Advice, providing support and signposting to help isolated and vulnerable people:

Mental Health:

Financial and relationship:

Domestic violence:

Advice and Tips

We all need a little help to make sure that we are looking after our own and our teams’ wellbeing. As part of your short and longer term planning, you can develop a range of strategies to improve workplace wellbeing and protect your teams.

Being physically active, kind, connecting with others, learning something new and being ‘in the moment’ all contribute significantly to improved wellbeing. Don’t delay in getting started on your balanced plan and take others on the journey with you.

Here are a few links to useful resources to get you started:

Volunteering enables you and your teams to develop new skills, help a local cause, meet new people, connect with your community and improve your wellbeing.

As part of your organisation’s wellbeing plan, give your staff and teams a range of options in your local community:

Andover and District Mencap offer Trustee opportunities, getting involved with fundraising events, improvement projects and a chance to support people with learning disabilities to learn new skills:

Unity run the Test Valley Volunteer Centre. Their experts provide tailored advice and can assist you in identifying suitable volunteering opportunities, not only for individuals but also for staff.

Test Valley Citizens Advice offer Trustee, administrative and advisory opportunities with a focus on improving the lives of those in need:

The You Trust provides a range of volunteering opportunities in your local community:

If your organisation would like to partner with a local charity or a cluster of charities and make a big difference to the lives of the people that we support, then there are a range of ways that we can partner with you. It could be that your organisation would like to team up for short term projects or longer term partnerships, for example:
Local fundraising events and improvement projects.
Giving individual or team time on an ongoing basis to enable positive change for the people that we support.
Donations to make a sustainable positive impact and help to build a resilient and self reliant community.

Once you’ve decided on the route you’d like to take just get in touch:


Wellbeing Strategies and Employee Support

Health and wellbeing strategies for your business have never been more important to guide you through your current and future needs, and shaping what is right for your business.

We can help you develop a wellbeing strategy that is right for your business or organisation, no matter how large or small. You can access free guides, information and resources, provided by Mercer Marsh Benefits, together with a range of Chamber members and partners across the region. The aim is to help you prioritise the health of the people in your organisation so you are able to manage the complex challenges we are all facing during this unprecedented time.

Building Resilience and Finding your Path

Understanding your personal challenges and knowing how to build resilience is at the heart of addressing change in this time of crisis.

Whatever our circumstances or experience crises throw up new challenges and we are not always well placed to address these. Recognising your personal wellbeing and understanding your personal challenges is the essential first step to knowing how to build resilience. If you are on a new career path or entering the workplace for the first time this can compound the challenge making the obstacles even greater.

We can provide wellbeing support at times of career change, business start-up and skills development, putting a spotlight on the skills development of the next generation

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