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Chamber Business Solutions

‘Opening the door to Business Solutions’


Opening the door to Business Solutions

Your business success means so much to us because as your Chamber of Commerce we not only represent you but we share your goals. We offer a practical approach to business support by helping you address your current challenges, towards improved business performance.

At Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, we listen to your needs and shape our service to provide flexible, easy to access, affordable solutions whatever your size, issues and aspirations. Through developing creative environments, we help you to develop real purpose in your strategies. Throughout this approach we provide opportunities to share insights with fellow Chamber members, business consultants and specialist advisors.

Whether you are an established business facing new challenges, a business experiencing market change or a start-up trying to gain traction, our three-tier Business Solutions programme is designed to help you as your business develops and grows. We specialise in making the right connections to help you reach the right support.


Helping you raise your awareness of what the challenges out there really mean for your business.

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Shaping your business through faciliated diagnostic peer networks, to explore and support your business needs.

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Developing your understanding by walking you through the complexities, and sharing the insights around the choices which you could consider.

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Focusing on application of the solutions by receiving the right kind of specialist support to apply strategies for your business.

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Accessing Solutions

When you access Chamber Business Solutions you are engaging a unique network of solutions and partnerships shaped to address your needs. These provide clear purpose, where all participants play their part, from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, supported by a wealth of digital learning and communications resources.

Chamber Business Solutions focuses on:

  • Real objectives, exploring your financial, strategic, exporting, marketing, communications, innovation, productivity and people
  • New methods covering digital, technology, supply chains, environmental, culture and workplace
  • Your challenges including personal goals, learning styles, mindsets, drives and skills.

All of this is shaped and delivered through our trusted three-tier approach.

Tier One Support – Free Chamber of Solutions

Chamber of Solutions events will help you to address your business challenges and opportunities in a big community of practice of your peers. sharing with fellow businesses specialist perspectives blended with practical insights. Quite simply, the Chamber of Solutions can become your problem solver for your business needs.

8th March – Sales Growth & Success – For more info, click here

28th June – Staying Connected with your Virtual Teams – For more info, click here

Tier Two Support – ‘Journey To Greatness’ – Shape my Business Support Peer Workshop

The peer network acts as a facilitated diagnostic process exploring business needs before embarking on the programme of FREE support. This is a good first step that will help develop and shape a business checklist of needs based on an analysis of business challenges, needs, objectives and solutions. Working with other businesses in the workshop each business leader will be facilitated through a practical process working with their peers, other like-minded businesses. At the end of the 2-hour workshop they will have shaped their priorities helping to benefit from the full Chamber Business Solutions programme. The programme follows the Chamber’s own ‘GREATNESS’ business support model; exploring all parts of the business and its strategy, helping the business to:

  • Connect – connect people with opportunities and expertise
  • Succeed – help to define their own version of GREATNESS and supporting it
  • Grow – help to grow their reputation-revenue-value sustainably

For more information contact

Tier Three Support – Choice of Chamber Webinars, 121 Support & Peer Networks

Chamber Webinars will provide informed live presentations, led by a single specialist, relating to current business needs, providing more in depth understanding and opportunities for interaction and contextualising your needs against proven strategies and approaches.

Chamber 121 coaching helps provide you with a clear understanding of your specific business needs by walking you through the questions, considerations and complexities of the choices which you should consider in shaping your own business solutions resulting in a clear plan of action.

Chamber Peer Networks bring together groups of local business leaders virtually, supported by specialist facilitators and consultants, all working together to tackle important challenges. Drawing on personal and peer experiences the group of 8 to 11 like-minded businesses will address real business needs helping you to learn with your peers, focus on delivering results and explore real-life business challenges. Induction and full welcome sessions, plus 5 action learning events, supported by 3.5 hours 121 coaching, plus special digital marketing and motivational mapping sessions. 

Tier Four Support – Access to further in-depth Specialist Support

Chamber 121 coaching helps provide you with a clear understanding of your specific business needs by walking you through the questions, considerations and complexities of the choices which you should consider in shaping your own business solutions resulting in a clear plan of action.

121 Business Coaching with our expert partners includes 4 x 1.5 hour sessions covering various topics including Financial Solutions, Business strategy, Marketing and Communications, International Trade, People Resources, Market Innovation, Start-up to Stardom, Creativity, Coaching-Style Leadership, Motivation, Health and Safety

Prices starting from £480 + vat

For more info contact

Walk me through Unlocking Commercial Finance for my business

Covering principles of commercial finance, providing your business with an understanding of the types of facilities. Explore how to prepare an application, the needs of lenders, typical lending criteria, the value of direct application versus brokers, the true cost of borrowing, with all-important jargon busting.

Walk me through Good Governance and Board Performance for my business

The programme is shaped for your needs and context looking at Directors’ legal and fiduciary obligations and helping you explore your risks and challenges, all through the realistic and practical prism of your leadership, team, and business resources. Whether you are a micro, SME or large business you will shape your priorities set against an understanding of your current situation.


Walk me through Sustainable Business Strategies for my business

Helping you to a clearer understanding of how to guide and manage your business towards a thriving and innovative low carbon future. Taking a fresh look at your business you will explore your strategies, processes and resources with the objective of gaining insights and testing new approaches. You will be taken on your own journey, finding real-world solutions, grant funding, specialist support, and reviewing appropriate case studies.

Walk me through Social Media Marketing for my business

Social media marketing doesn’t need big budgets or masses of creativity, so this programme focuses on marketing to help grow your business. Taking you through shaping a plan for your business, what your clients may be looking for and getting to grip with the basics, by providing guidelines with a dash of common sense, this 121 will be useful whether you have some experience already or are an outright beginner.

Walk me through Trading Internationally for my business

Businesses will be able to create a plan of action in readiness, helping them to identify areas for improvement and consider potential roadblocks along the journey. They will gain an understanding of the formalities of trading internationally to enable an efficient introduction to export goods and reach their target market.

Walk me through How to Build Resilience in my People and Teams

Covering the key drivers and determinants for building resilience in people and teams, ensuring your business develops capability to address change, new objectives and opportunities. The programme explores leadership communications; physical and emotional needs; support networks and relationships; resilient mindsets; power of purpose; and team resilience.


Walk me through a People Centred Culture for my business

The sessions will help you to understand why a positive culture is important for your business and evaluate and assess your team purpose and their needs. To achieve success there will be focus on improving communications, enabling remote/hybrid teams to thrive, and building resilience around the specific challenges ahead for your business.

Walk me through Growing my business successfully post-pandemic

Following the unprecedented impact of the pandemic lockdowns and the ending of Government support programmes businesses are facing a range of challenges and opportunities, across so many sectors. These 121 coaching and mentoring programmes will help you explore and shape your new needs including finding new markets, maximising margins, managing productivity and time resources, the power of digital marketing, together with a new look at finance, processes and managing your people.

Walk me through Starting my new business

We will explore how to validate your business idea, how to develop your first business plan from scratch so that you avoid the common pitfalls that often hinder success. Our accredited business advisers are very approachable and will focus on the concerns you have and help you to take things from an idea to a revenue and importantly, profit-making business.  Enterprise South offers you this great start free of charge on a 1-2-1 basis.

Walk me through How to build my Creative Business

Creative sector businesses have many challenges, relying on your creativity, while demanding business skills. You will explore sourcing new clients, maximising income, managing time, digital marketing, finance, processes and managing your personal competing challenges.

Walk me through Developing Coaching-Style Leadership in my business

A modern management skill essential to successful leadership; this covers the world-class basics of coaching (Self-awareness; Questioning; Adaptability; Listening; Goal Setting; Feedback; Trust and Rapport) and how to embed them in your day-to-day operations to drive innovation and engagement.

Walk me through Capability to Manage Under-Performance in my business

Driving improved levels of performance across your business is essential to setting and achieving quality and growth objectives. Covering the value of exchanging expectations; giving and receiving feedback; conducting difficult conversations and understanding why people go into conflict.


Walk me through Maximising Performance and Productivity in my business

The programme will focus on exploring creative, effective, and very practical strategies for your business; that will boost employee performance, build your business productivity and ultimately increase revenue. Working with you to help your business move towards becoming best-in-sector, you will consider all aspects of your leadership, team building, vision, motivational cultures, and how to achieve real measurable gains.

Walk me through How to create a Safer Working Environment in my business

Covering the key elements of disciplines learned and applied in Crew Resource Management to build safer, higher performing and better working environments. This programme helps you explore across your business key aspects of threat and error management; communication; leadership and teamwork; situation awareness; stress & performance; problem solving and decision making; briefing & debriefing.

Our Leading Partner

Our Partners

Our members benefit from the Chamber as a community of support and a source of advice. We help our members with their challenges and decision-making. To achieve this, we rely on the help and mentoring of fellow members to offer their knowledge, insights and first-hand experience in guiding better business performance. To get involved in supporting our Chamber of Solutions panel please contact:

Ross McNally, Interim CEO/Executive Chair

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