Business Training

Maximise potential through your people

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of business training workshops on a range of topics from Leadership to Trading Internationally.

Members receive a significant discount on course fees and, if you require we can arrange for any of our courses to be delivered in-house.

We work with a range of local training providers, all members of Hampshire Chamber to deliver our programme.

For more details email or call 01329 242420.

10 February 2016

Challenging & Negotiating Training “Get More Wins”

Life is a negotiation and we do it daily! Some of us shy away from it and some of us are quite forceful…
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16 February 2016

Confident Sales Meetings

This workshop will take you through a structured approach to running an effective client meeting, particularly…
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18 February 2016

Google Analytics for Business

Google Analytics is very powerful and provides an amazing amount of data which when understood will give…
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23 February 2016

Successful Supervisor Session 1 Develop Managerial and Leadership Excellence

The aim is to help each delegate to understand their management and leadership style, analysing the different…
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25 February 2016

Presentation & Public Speaking Skill “It’s not that scary and can be fun!”

Whether you are addressing your team in a meeting or standing on a stage presenting to thousands of people…
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3 March 2016

UCC Customs Changes from 1st May

There are a number of significant changes to the EU Customs Code in 2016. This half-day presentation…
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9 March 2016

Team Coaching “Let’s get going on that Goal”

We all have important goals to achieve in our role, sometimes on our own and sometimes working as a team.
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17 March 2016

AEO Awareness ½ day workshop

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
The EU is planning major modernisation of the EU Customs Code the cornerstone…

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17 March 2016

Export Control Awareness ½ day workshop

Time 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Many companies export products which are listed on the BIS strategic goods…

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18 March 2016

The Roles of a Company Director – Aspects of Corporate Management & Leadership

The role of a Company Director has many facets, requiring an understanding of legal responsibilities…
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