Chamber Payment Solutions

        Chamber Payment Solutions

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce has selected Netpay as its partner to provide card payment services to its members. Together the two organisations have set up Chamber Payment Solutions which will offer Chamber members an exclusive package of rates and solutions.

Whether or not you already accept card payments via a High Street Bank, PayPal or another provider; and whether you trade online, face to face, over the phone or via mail, the exclusive offer from Chamber Card Services is one that we strongly encourage our members to consider.

Chamber Payment Solutions is helping to reduce the cost of taking card payments for businesses in Hampshire. Designed for Chamber members, Chamber Payment Solutions offers online processing, payment terminal and merchant services. 

Whatever the size of business, large or small, there is a requirement to effectively manage and have visibility of revenue generated by card transactions. Chamber Payments uses NetPay Merchant Services online tool called Revolution to give Chamber members transaction visibility, payment trends and consumer intelligence. 

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